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Listening to relaxing music or nature sounds can help you fall asleep faster and is especially useful for people who have trouble sleeping or people with chronic insomnia.

Listen to our relaxing sleep music and sounds to help drown out your unwanted thoughts and worries and lull yourself to sleep.

On our channel you’ll find such nature sounds videos as ocean waves, rain sounds, bird sounds, flowing rivers, creeks and streams, and other relaxing sounds like the ambient sounds of airplanes, fans, trains and more.

Listen at work or while studying to help drown out distractions and help improve your focus and concentration or while relaxing or overnight while sleeping.

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The Soul Candle has been providing relaxing music and sounds as well as world music since 2014. Our channel contains well over 1,000 videos catered towards providing stress relief, relaxation, meditation, focus and concentration while studying and working, and enjoyable ambient background sounds and music.

If you visit our channel below, you’ll find longplay videos aimed at helping you relax and all asleep as well as a variety of musical genres including Japanese music, Celtic music, Indian music, Spanish guitar music, flute music, piano music, ethereal and ambient music and many other beautiful tracks you’re sure to enjoy.

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