Beethoven Symphony 9 (Electric Rock Edition, Pt 4/4)

4.Presto. Allegro assai

Adapted from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 in D minor, Op.125 (1824).
This “rock” arrangement (guitars, keys, bass, drums) of Beethoven’s original composition for orchestra was created by Ed Chang. This newly-rendered adaptation is a manipulated “SynthFont” derivation from a conventional symphonic transcription (in MIDI) sequenced by DL Viens.

A project of The Daily Beethoven:


Boilerplate: These tracks were created for my own use to better understand Beethoven’s classical works. As an electric guitarist, I “hear” guitar and drums better than violin, so these helped me to follow the different melodic and harmonic turns that Beethoven used in his frankly still-revolutionary compositions. Weird syncopations and awkward double-stops and trills on violin sound even more exciting in today’s musical vernacular IMHO, and when you add drums doubling the bass melodies it gets pretty close to fusion/technical metal – tho the most complex metal you’ll ever hear. Of course these are generated from “MIDI” sequences and triggered soundfonts (samples) so there’s a little bit of an auditory leap of faith necessary. Have some fun and don’t expect to find Furtwangler or Barenboim here….more like Zappa or King Crimson…maybe some Doors? Merzbow?

Usage of this material is permitted as long as credit is attributed.

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