Little Known Yet Beautiful Beethoven Song

Beautiful piece by Beethoven for the piano. Title: ” Andante Favori in F WoO 57 “. It was originally composed for the 2nd Movement of the Waldstein Sonata no. 21, but upon his friends’ remarks that it was too long to fit into that particular sonata, he decided to remove it. It was later published as an individual piece. It is one of my favorite pieces for the piano, and I also believe it is one of Beethoven’s best piano works. I believe it is highly underestimated and little known, even by fans of classical music. WoO is a name given to any Beethoven piece with out an opus number. When abbreviated, works without opus is WoO. Unlike WoO, opus numbers apply to any composer, not just Beethoven. Opus is Latin for “Work”. Thus a classical song’s “opus number” (sometimes abbreviated op. #) is simply a published works’ number. Opus numbers are always in chronological order from the first published works of a composer to the last.

Also, I realize this is not a song as it has no singing. The title is merely meant to help an average person find it, so that the beauty of music can be experienced and felt by more people.

This piece was featured in the 1995 BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice”

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